RABOTILNICA is an initiative by CHERGA. It is a workshop for product design which is held every year since 2010 and aims to create working community of designers, to connect them with the manufacturers and to generate new and creative ideas and products.


We are organazing the workshop for ten days at the Black Sea coast on a very beautiful place with wild nature and bungalows - just 500 metres from the beach.


How does it work?


The manufacturers give assignments (task briefs) based on which the designers develop conceptual proposals.

Approved concepts will be developed to production by the manufacturer and the designer. A non disclosure agreement is signed in advance by both sides.


Rabotilnica have a few objectives:


  • Forging an environment for creative interactions;

  • Supporting relationships building between design talents and furniture/product manufacturers;

  • Creating a new working experience in the design world and establishing Bulgaria as an international design hot spot;

  • Strengthening the collaboration between national and international designers;

  • Professional opportunity for the design students working on a real briefs.


RABOTILNICA is an initiative by CHERGA.



CHERGA (rug) is a Bulgarian word which means homemade textile made of a great number of coloured interweaved threads forming a strong and pictorial structure. The rug has been used by the Bulgarians since the establishment of our country – almost 2000 years ago when we were still a equestrian nation. CHERGA is a group of young Bulgarian designers working together with common goals despite of the differences in temperament, way of working and style.

We chose CHERGA for the name of our group because this is the word best describing the character and variegation of our nation and spirit. Despite our bright personalities and differences we aim to show together the strength and advantages of the Bulgarian design – as a product and part of the world culture and environment.